St. James Catholic Cemetery

Information on St. James Cemetery


The cemetery at St. James is a special and holy place that has served as the burial ground for the Catholics in this area for many generations.
If you are interested in any information regarding St. James' Cemetery please contact the cemetery Director at 905-936-4266 ext 104.

St. James Colgan Cemetery Pricing
Full Plots … $1300 each 
(1 full casket burial and/or 3 cremation burials are permitted in each full plot.)
Cornerstones …$150
(1 set of 2 cornerstones are required with each full plot/plots purchased.)
Columbarium Niches…$1200 lower row
$1400 middle row
$1600 upper row
(Each niche can contain 2 standard urns.)
Opening and closing fees 2022
Full casket…$1050
*all pricing is subject to HST (13%)